To create a global community that transcends boundaries, embracing diversity and uplifting people with disabilities, fostering a culture of support, creativity, and resilience.


To provide a nurturing space where individuals with disabilities discover their strengths, achieve financial independence and inspire positive change


We value teamwork for its strength in achieving collective impact. By fostering a sense of community and shared purpose, we inspire progress together

About us

Nayaab, an initiative of Alwasila Trust 

is a non-profit, non-government,  is driven by a profound goal: to empower differently-abled individuals to achieve financial independence and inspire people to appreciate the diverse range of human talents and potential. We believe that financial independence isn’t merely about economic security; it’s a catalyst for cultivating strong, self-assured individuals who approach life’s decisions with unwavering confidence

We are more than just a platform; we are a movement dedicated to empowerment.

Nayaab provides the stage; the extraordinary folks bring their exceptional talents


Nayaab’s approach embarks on a  personalized and empowering journey, forging a profound connection with each differently-abled individual and every organization dedicated to supporting them.

We initiate this transformative process by understanding each person’s unique talents, providing the necessary materials, and guiding them through the creative journey. Consequently, every product emerges as a showcase of triumphs, transforming basic materials into meaningful creations.

Nayaab’s methodology isn’t just a process; it’s a commitment to unlocking and celebrating the diverse abilities that make each creation a true maflerpiece.

Empowered Individuals

Discover the inspiring stories of our empowered individuals who have triumphed over challenges. From artists to entrepreneurs, each person we support is a testament to resilience and unique talents.

I am Sameen and I love crafting!

Meet Sameen, a beacon of resilience and creativity. Despite facing challenges, Sameen’s love for crafting knows no bounds. Nayaab proudly supports Sameen’s passion, providing her with a platform to showcase her artistic talents. Through our collective efforts, Sameen not only crafts beautiful creations but also inspires us all with her unwavering spirit.

I am Baqar and I love painting!

Introducing Baqar, a remarkable artist whose passion for painting knows no bounds. Baqar’s love for the canvas is a testament to his unique perspective and artistic brilliance. At Nayaab, we whole heartedly support Baqar’s artistic journey, providing him with the encoura- gement and platform he deserves.

I am Tanzeel andI like embroidery!

Meet Tanzeel, a gifted individual with a passion for embroidery that stitches stories of creativity and dedication. Tanzeel’s intricate work reflects not only his skill but also the vibrant tapestry of his unique talents. Nayaab stands proudly behind Tanzeel, offering support and recognition for his exceptional craft.

Connect with us

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If you or someone you know is differently-abled and wants to collaborate with us, we warmly welcome you to join our community. Reach out through our social handles, phone number, or email. Let’s work together to create a space of empowerment and creativity for everyone